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Get approved quickly! Payless Automart specializes in securing the financing you need even with little or no credit. If you have applied for a car loan before and were turned down by a lender because you fall into the sub prime category, it doesn't mean that you are without hope. All that this means is that you do not fall within the ideal credit range of the "ideal" borrower. Payless Automart has lenders that want your business regardless of your credit history.


Whether you have a high credit score, low credit score or a limited credit history, Payless Automart offers prime and sub prime car loans that will help you to improve your credit status and get you on the road. We have a wealth of experience assisting our customers to get approved, and with our 99% approval rate, we are committed to getting you that new car at the best rates and helping your credit score.


Financial Stability – We help you determine an affordable monthly payment amount that fits your budget.


Build Credit – Turn your credit around with a car or truck loan from Payless Automart and start building equity. It's Not Impossible – You can get a car loan with bad credit and Payless Automart will work with you to find the best possible rates and payments available. Our Business Managers will guide you through the process and provide insight on how to most effectively and quickly build you credit.