In-House Financing FAQ in Sarnia, ON

In-house financing and helping those with bad credit are our prime focus at Payless Automart. All of our services have one thing in common, assisting our customers toward better credit and an improved financial future. Our in-housing financing services are such that we hope your time with our in-house experts are your last in regards to this kind of financing, so you can graduate up into subprime and then prime. To get you started on your journey toward financial stability, you’ll be set-up with affordable payments that fit within your budget. Read on to learn about our in-house financing process, credit approval, payments plans and more, all throughout Payless Automart experts!

In-House Financing Process

Financing is what we’re here for, and while we’re proud of the variety of inventory we house, the first thing we want to do is set you on a path toward improved credit, within a budget you can handle. At our dealership we encourage you not to look at the vehicles first, getting you to a budget is the biggest concern, then we’ll be able to show you a wide range of vehicles that settle within your budget. Not only do we want you to be on an affordable plan that helps rebuild your credit and keeps you well-within your budgetary restraints, but also on quality vehicles that will last you for a long time!

Credit Approval Process

The credit approval process is quick and easy at our dealership. Even though a proper financial plan is a serious matter and one that demands strict attention, we also realize that our customers live busy lives, so we work efficiently to get you approved. We can approve you in as little as 5 minutes in-house and will get back to you within 20 minutes during business hours if you apply through our online credit application form. You’ll know right away where you stand and what we can do to help you. With a 99% approval rate, you can rest assured in our years of experience in getting you approved at great rates, and always efficiently.

Monthly Payment Focus

When it comes to developing a financial plan for rebuilding your credit, you should never bite off more than you can chew. That’s why we like to focus on monthly payments, where you can easily budget your needs for the month, and how an auto loan will fit within your means. Our plans aren’t strict and rigid, able to be flexible to your monthly allowances for your vehicle, letting you take this rebuilding process month-by-month as you pay off the vehicle while not putting a stress on your overall finances. We’ll ensure the payments are affordable and manageable, to effectively secure you the financing you desire.

Contact Us

Our in-house financing experts are ready to work with you. We have years of experience developing financing plans for our customers, and specialize in finding solutions for any kind of buyer. If you have any questions about our process, or how to get started, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.